TDRDelay (wddm timeouts)

Post » Sun Jul 17, 2011 5:57 pm

Hello fellow gamers,

I was just googling for a solution for a friend who's having BSODs whenever he plays a game (any game), and stumbled upon the TDRdelay tweak we can enter in the registry (see

Now, I've had my share of "Display Driver has been recovered" while playing Blackops, which does not usually freeze my system (I got two lockups since Dec. 23, and every time the game screws up my config_mp.cfg).

I've got an i7 950 with twin 8800GTs in SLI so I'm sure the CPU can wait a little for the video cards to respond

I'm betting that adding this registry tweak would help... I'll try it myself tonight but since I don't get that many crashes can someone who's crashing a lot try this fix ?

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Post » Sun Jul 17, 2011 4:05 pm

Bumping this, can anyone try ?
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Post » Sun Jul 17, 2011 12:37 pm

How valid is this for windows 7?

Are you sure its the TdrDelay key that needs to be modified, if so what would be a better value, 4 sec?

What about these keys:
? TdrLimitTime: REG_DWORD (Windows Vista SP1 and later versions only): The default time within which a "TdrLimitCount" number of TDRs are allowed without crashing the system.
? TdrLimitCount: REG_DWORD (Windows Vista SP1 and later versions only): The default number of TDRs (0x117) that are allowed in "TdrLimitTime" without crashing the system.

I sometimes get the black screen and the stupid "display driver stopped working" but I'm also fairly certain my gfx card is a piece of Sh.. cause I had to send it back 3x already for similar issues (dont ever buy gigabyte graphics cards, the support is pathetic)

Anyways looks like you might be onto something here but we'll need more info on exactly what to change.

This part here makes a lot of sense : Ensure that the DirectX graphics application does not run at a low frames per second (FPS) rate. As the FPS decreases, the likelihood of the GPU getting reset increases. If the application is running at 10 FPS or lower and a complex graphics operation is about to start, then a flush can be inserted.

So yea might be a good way to avoid a lot of crashes if we can figure out the specifics.
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Post » Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:42 pm

This is what I think ... Put a high-enough value in the TDR delay so that we won't have to set the other ones, or set it off altogether (Tdrlevel = 0).

Most people seem to set this parameter to say, 8+ seconds and leave the other ones alone (they all have default values). Seems to be valid for Windows 7 as well.


Will try 20 right now and see how it goes...
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